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Panel Cleaning Machine Concludes Rotary P V Project

The specialized cleaning machine (Kärcher - Germany) for photovoltaic panels was delivered to JLSS on Friday 16 February 2024.
After assembling the machine all our trainers attended a detailed training session conducted by Mr. Wissam Khoury of SmartAge.
All aspects of maintenance of P.V. systems were covered with emphasis on safety and how to use the machine.
PV Panel Cleaning MachineA second session will be held soon when the weather permits. SmartAge staff will use our new specialized machine to do the maintenance of our P.V. system as an additional demonstration. This will include cleaning all the panels of our photovoltaic system.
The maintenance aspect of P.V. systems will now be added to our electricity training program. Our graduates will have the training and skills needed for the  maintenance of P.V. systems.
We express our thanks to SmartAge, Mr. Wissam Khoury, Mr. Elie Khoury and SmartAge staff for the training, professional work, and support.
This last aspect concludes the Rotary Photovoltaic Project which was Inaugurated on 9 October 2021.
The Schneller School P.V. project is a wonderful success. Classrooms are now heated all through winter using AC units that utilize the P.V. generated electricity. We no more run the central heating systems during the day to heat classrooms.
We even added one electric heater (AC) for our carpentry workshop to heat it during the day.
We are most grateful to the Rotary Foundation and the supporting clubs for allowing us to achieve this fantastic project.
The indefinite savings on diesel bills is enormous especially now with the high cost of diesel.
Our school is now heated during the day all through winter using power from the P.V. system.
Furthermore, the power we may need from the local grid on cloudy days is covered by the excess power we put into the grid in summer.
The total power generated to date is 171318 kWh. CO2 avoided is 119.9 T which is equivalent to 79.9 Long-haul flights.
This excellent result is in spite of the fact that the system was interrupted many times in summer due to the failure of the local grid.
The Rotarians can all be proud of this wonderful project. Schneller School is infinitely grateful to them, as infinite as the savings and power this system will generate through the years.
JLSS is now proudly a green environmentally friendly school thanks to the Rotary clubs and theSmartAge Training Session Rotary Foundation.
We are also in the final stages of our electric vehicles training project.
The Lucas Nülle equipment will be delivered in Spring.  Our trainers will receive the necessary training upon the delivery of the equipment by engineers from Lucas Nülle. 
The excess P.V. power we have will then also be used for charging electric cars.
The future has been reached in JLSS.
A very big thank you to Rev. Traugott Plieninger and RC Bietigheim-Vahingen
Thank you President Joe Boulos and RC Beirut-Cosmopolitan
Thank you to all the other participating Rotary clubs:
Rotary Club Ludwigsburg
Rotary Club Ludwigsburg Alt-Württemberg
Rotary Club Backnang-Marbach
Rotary Club Feldbach (Austria)
Rotary District 1830
Rotary District 1910
Rotary District 2452
The Rotary Foundation
Vielen Dank! Thank you very much! شكرًا جزيلاً

PV Panel Cleaning Machine

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