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Easter and Fitr 2024 Celebrations

Easter and Fitr 2024The Boarding Department celebrated Easter and Eed al-Fitr on Tuesday 27 March 2024 at 6:00 PM in St. Michael's Church.
The program began with recorder music performed by boarding students accompanied by our music teacher Mr. Joe Abou Assli on the piano.
The celebration of Eed al-Fitr followed with the Fitr song, TALAA LBADRU ALEINA.
A students then explained the importance of the month of RAMADN and EED al-FITR. Another explained the tradition of fasting, the importance of RAMADAN, and why it is venerated as the most important time of the year. He emphasized the duty of charity and helping the poor and needy.
The first part of the service was concluded with the EED prayer recited by a third student.
The second part of the service was for celebrating Easter. It began with the greeting of Ms. Rabab Matta, Head of the Boarding Department, and continued with Holy Week and Easter lessons, prayers, and hymns.
The director then explained the meaning of celebrating Easter and Eed al-Fitr together as a true expression of diversity and tolerance in accordance with the peace education program of the school. He added that we can all fast, pray, worship and celebrate in accordance with our various traditions, but true religion is one and the same in all faiths. It is believing and Academic Fitr 2024 Celebrationobeying the one true God that calls us to love one another and live an honest and charitable life at peace with others. While keeping our traditions we should respect other traditions that may be very different from ours. We should also respect God's wonderful creation by acting responsibly towards the environment and never hurting others. He added: we are all called to forgive others as we will also need their forgiveness. We should never resort to violence. Schneller students are called to be ambassadors of peace wherever they go; to be honest and hardworking, and to support the poor and needy as much as they can. This is the true religion that unites us.
The celebration was concluded at the time of breaking the fast with a special Easter and Fitr dinner. All students waited for the exact time of breaking the fast when it was time to enjoy the delicious food prepared by our kitchen staff.
We express our thanks to the educators and kitchen staff who got up very early and stayed late to cater to the needs of fasting students through the month of RAMADAN.
We also thank our kitchen team for the delicious food they prepared to celebrate Easter and Eed al-Fitr.
The next day Wednesday 28 March, the Academic Department celebrated Eed al-Fitr with a special program held at 12:30 PM in Hermann Schneller Hall.
Each class from Grade One to Grade Nine participated in the program. It was a very nice program that was enjoyed by all attending. We thank all the teachers and students for that wonderful program.
Happy Easter and Happy Eed al-Fitr. May those two holy feasts bring peace to Lebanon, our region, and the world.

Easter Fitr 2024 Boarding Department Celebration

Easter Fitr 2024

Fitr 2024 Academic Department Celebration

Fitr 2024 Academic Celebration

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